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Edubox is a platform for imparting free interactive course specific learning for students. Edubox is an on-line study material sharing platform where anyone can search share and upload classroom related documents i.e notes , tutorials , question papers etc. and earn money to shop on-line

From Kindergarten to bank tests, MBBS, B.Tech, UPSC – Edubox TM  has something to offer like:

How Edubox TM Works:

Students on Edubox TM  gain knowledge and rewards.  They can access thousands of study materials like question papers, notes and slides on the website.  Apart from this, the students can upload their question papers/notes/slides in ‘User Upload’ section on the website and earn reward points.  The material will be scrutinised by   the website admin before publishing and once published they earn 10 points per material.  The content will be published at the sole discretion of Edubox admin and should comply with terms and conditions.  The students get badges for uploading study materials.  The points get converted to coupons and will be added to the wallet.  All these details can be viewed in student dashboard.

Course Specific groups on Edubox TM brings students of the same stream from different universities under one roof.  Here, they can discuss important topics, share question papers and class notes, clear doubts and keep updated about events, exams, workshops, career importunities and so on.  Any student member can create a group and add members.  There is no scrutiny for sharing study materials in a group but should comply with the terms and conditions of the website.

Forums have been created for all streams like CBSE Classes, State Boards, Bank Tests, NEET, JEE and so on. There are individual forums for each section so that the students of can engage in course specific discussions and keep updated.

The students can buy/sell their used books and other educational materials through ‘Buy and Sell’ forum on Edubox TM. This will clear your shelves of unwanted materials and fill another one’s who is in need.  Here, the dealings are direct between buyer and seller.

We at Edubox TM believe in the old saying ‘All work and no play made jack a dull boy’. Education is not all about studies.  It should go hand in hand with arts and sports to ensure overall personality development of a student.  Edubox TM have forums and groups for sharing ideas, knowledge and experience in the field of various arts and sports which are given under the main menu ‘Hobbies’.  Students can update themselves of upcoming events and workshops in areas of their interest through these forums.

‘Shop Online’ store on Edubox TM has a wide range of course specific study materials for Engineering, MBBS, School Students. The store has a variety of imported school bags, pens, pencil cases and other stationery items.  Students can redeem their coupons (maximumlimit:Rs.100/order) in Edubox TM Store.

How Edubox TM improves student’s performance:

Sharing study materials and taking part in discussions helps the students expand their horizon of knowledge.  It gives them a chance to explore different styles  of learning and preparing notes.  When a student knows that their notes shall be reviewed by peers, they give more importance to what they write and prepare.  This will stimulate the students to engage themselves more in the study area thereby reinforcing the concepts and thus improving performance.  Each student has a different perspective and look at each topic from different angles.  Clearing doubts and exchanging notes of different schools / universities can be beneficial to students and helps them upgrade the grades.  Interestingly, registering with this website is not only free but also encourages students to earn by rewarding coupons to shop at Edubox TM online store.

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